Glenda Lawrence – After obtaining her interior design degree from the University of Tennessee, Glenda moved to Jackson Hole, WY in 2001. She began making custom sewn fabrications in 2010 under the name of Yelsew Studio. ┬áPrior to starting her own sewing business, she has worked for several prominent local businesses selling rugs, furniture, art, and providing interior design services. Since the inception of Matterhouse in late 2012, she has been selling vintage furnishings and providing all kinds of custom sewn products for the home- from reupholstered Molesworth and Saarnien vintage chairs, to custom leather purses of her own design.

Jeff Lawrence – Jeff moved with Glenda to Jackson Hole in 2001 to work with Carney Architects (now Carney Logan Burke Architects). He is a licensed architect in the state of Wyoming and has a passion for great design and art. In addition to designing buildings and creating his own works of art, he is gripped by the history and discovery of items with design and historical significance.

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